Sunday, 20 May 2007

The Sixth Night

Dart Music Festival

Last night, we were playing at “Dart Music Festival”!!
This exciting music festival is celebrating its 10th year this season and we were very honoured to be able to take part!!

We played at the St. Saviour’s Church in Dartmouth, which is a beautiful church with enormous pillars. When we arrived at the harbour in the town, we saw a lot of sailing boats resting with a very large cruise ship under the blue sky and many people strolling ashore under the sun. Just like in a tropical island having a wonderful time!

When we went into the church to rehearse, there was a couple who asked us if we are playing tonight. They told us that they are touring England with this cruise ship we saw in the harbour!!!!!

After the concert, the town was full of people enjoying the holiday and festive atmosphere with music coming out from all corners of the village!!

Next morning we were pampered with lovely breakfast in the dining room overlooking absolutely beautiful spring garden and shining blue ocean…