Thursday, 25 January 2007


I have been making many New Year resolutions this year and one of it is to write my 1001 Night short essays twice a month starting from today!! If I am very good, hopefully to write few more times..!!!

Yesterday, we had our first concert of 2007 at Droitwich Spa Methodist Church. We have been there about 2 years ago and it was so wonderful to see the people we knew from before again!! It is amazing how you can remember the way you have placed the piano on this particular platform or how we had our delicious supper at the nice and cozy foyer! It comes back in your mind so vividly that it seems time has never moved an inch since 2 years ago!!

This is the photograph of absolutely beautiful arrangement of flowers. I tried to take a photograph but I am afraid this does not do the justice, as it was very beautiful with lilies and slender branches with silver buds.
We really enjoyed having lovely supper afterwards with smoked salmon!!! Luxurious start of 2007!!